What is the difference between a Resin Bonded and Resin Bound driveway?

This is a very commonly asked question by potential clients. But a very good one and certainly one that requires clarifying.

A Resin Bonded driveway is when glues are applied to a prepared substrate and stone is distributed over the base with a thin layer of these stones sticking to the glued surface.

A Resin Bound driveway is when the prepared aggregates are mixed with the resin glues and then trowelled into position to act as solid surface that looks like gravel. This is a far more premium finish and the Resin Bound installation is the only surfacing we offer at Jamescape.

Will a Resin Bound driveway crack?

Like any type of driveway, the most important thing is the groundworks and foundation preparation. No, a resin bound driveway should never crack  

How hard is a Resin Bound driveway?

The premium Aliphatic glues we use will cure as hard as concrete. People have the misconceived idea that this type of surface is weaker than any other. With a 8% content of glue Resin Bound aggregate is an extremely durable and hardwearing surface. 

Is the Jamescape work guaranteed?

All our workmanship is guaranteed for five years. If in this time any aspect of the project fails we will immediately rectify the issue for you. Our guarantees are underwritten by ourselves and our 18 year reputation.

Do you have insurance?

We have full and comprehensive Public Liability Insurance of £5 million which protects you and your property. Furthermore all Jamescape staff working at your property are fully covered with our employers liability insurance of £10 million.

Will it cost more than the quotation?

Since our very first day of trading we have always emphasised the words - FULLY FIXED. You will receive a formal written quotation and specification from us for a no nonsense, faultless job and unless in the very unlikely situation there are significant changes made and agreed by you on site during the works, the 'fixed and comprehensive' price you agreed from the outset is what will be requested by Jamescape. Simply put, a quotation is not an estimate.

Who will do the work?

Our own 'in-house' team will carry out the agreed works. James oversees one project and his brother Nick oversees the other. We always run two projects at the same time and for larger projects we merge the two teams. Our team consists of five staff with a combined experience of the industry of over 75 years. All our team are PAYE employed members of staff that we wholeheartedly trust and whom we have enjoyed alongside for many years. As soon as we start any work for a client our work ethics and passion are clear for our customers to see. Dan has been with Jamescape for ten years, Leon three years, Chris for four years and Nick for six years.

Which areas do you cover?

Based at our yard in Hertford, we are happy to quote for work within a 25 mile radius.

Do you offer an aftercare service on your installations?

We are happy to arrange a maintenance schedule on any work install. We are as keen as you are to ensure your investment remains looking as pristine as the day we completed the work for you. Most clients prefer to arrange an annual visit and clean and although Resin Bound aggregate is very low maintenance it is not no maintenance and requires special techniques of cleaning to ensure it is not damaged.

Want To Get On Board?

We are always looking for ways to improve our business, so if you have experience with resin bound surfacing and think you could add value to our team, we’d like to hear from you - send an email to: info@jamescape.co.uk